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Formax is a US based company providing powerful offshore outsourcing solutions for both small and large companies around the globe.


BPO Solutions Tailored To Fit

For a corporation to become more competitive, it is imperative that it improve its service and performance while minimizing operating costs. That is why for years, industries around North America have relied on sophisticated offshore outsourcing solutions.

For more than 20 years, Formax has been providing flexible and innovative outsourcing strategies to organizations around the world. With large-scale offshore operations in China, Formax is helping companies meet their competitive objectives.

Our deep industry experience combined with our highly scale-able work force enables us to meet your custom outsourcing needs, while allowing you to remain laser-focused on your company’s core competencies.

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Industries We Serve

Formax processes tens of millions of healthcare forms (HCFA, UB92, Dental claims, etc...) for...

Formax provides State, Local, and Federal government agencies world class mailroom...

Some of the largest publishers and web-content providers rely on Formax...

Since its inception nearly 20 years ago, Formax has provided world-class data capture services...

Finance and Accounting
Formax offers a broad range of F&A outsourcing solutions for businesses looking to access more...


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